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Let’s Roll – Emotions

Let’s Roll – Emotions

SKU: YD1186

These inventive rollers will help children to recognise and talk about six key emotions: happy, excited, sad, worried, calm and angry. Roll into play dough, clay or sand to create a body, and add a face to complete the emotion. Each design will provide lots of talking points to help children to express and understand how their faces may look and how their body may feel when experiencing a particular emotion. Why not match the emotion to a particular colour of dough? An engaging way to develop children’s emotional vocabulary, while also practising fine motor skills. Made from a durable stone mix which is easy to clean, each set includes six rollers measuring 72 x 34mm. Age 2+.Let’s Roll – EmotionsLet’s Roll – Emotions

  • Specification

    • Contains six rollers
    • Measuring 72 x 34mm
    • Made from a stone/resin mix
    • Safe for age 2+
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