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Hello and welcome to Rainbow Learning and Wellbeing, a family- run business with a very big heart.​

Our ethos is simple. We believe in educating the whole child. In building positivity, confidence, resilience and self-esteem before all else. We believe in inclusion and treating all children as indivduals, because we understand and respect that, just like adults, no two children are the same.

At Rainbow Learning and Wellbeing we provide a range of high-quality services, products and resources to support children's learning and wellbeing.




Lead Practitioner

Laura is a qualified teacher with extensive experience of teaching in both Early Years and primary phases of education.  She has a Bachelor of Education primary honours degree from the University of Derby and is also a certified Relax Kids coach.  

Laura set up Rainbow Learning and Wellbeing following many years as a successful classroom teacher and phase leader. After noticing a decline in children’s wellbeing at school and a shift towards more formal methods of education she wanted to create a child- centred business based on a holistic, multi- sensory approach to learning where all children are given opportunities to develop confidence, resilience and self- esteem in a calm, nuturing environment. 

“I am passionate about educating the 'whole child' and firmly believe that the key to academic success lies within a fun, practical approach to learning that has a child's wellbeing at its heart. I whole- heartedly believe that good wellbeing underpins all aspects of teaching and learning and that children need to feel safe and connected in order to learn well.”

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Business Manager

Robert has an extensive background in sales and business management with over twenty years experience in the industry, so is used to providing excellent customer service.

As Rainbow Learning and Wellbeing has grown, Robert has taken a more active role in the day to day running of the business. He is responsible for everything from bookings and finance to product procurement, and oversees the website and online store. 

"The key to any successful business is excellent customer service. I strive to ensure that every child and parent that uses Rainbow Learning and Wellbeing has only the best experience."

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