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Reception Number Activity Cards

Reception Number Activity Cards

Supporting your child to develop a deep understanding of number


Perfect for children in Reception and the Early Years Foundation Stage (aged 4 - 5 years old).


The Reception Number Activity Cards support your child to develop the skills needed to meet the Early Learning Goal for Number. Number skills are taught through fun, hands on activities. These number cards will help your child develop a deep understanding of numbers one to ten, which will set them up for future maths success.

Each number game is simple for you to set up and meaningful and engaging for your child. Packed with over 40 activities, these number cards contain everything you need to get your child passionate about maths. Your child will be having so much fun that they won't realise they are learning. 



- Develops a deep understanding of number 

- Promotes enjoyment and passion for maths

- Provides fun, multi sensory maths activity ideas 

Pack Information


The Reception Number Activity Cards explore numbers one to ten, subitising, cardinality and composition of number.


The Reception Number pack contains 22 A6 cards:


- One double sided maths information card

- 21 maths activity cards 


Each maths activity card includes:

- A main activity 

- An extension activity

- A list of items needed 

- A top tip 

- A photograph of the activity